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Inspired by the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, the extreme weather events of summer 2023, and John of Patmos’ Angers Apocalypse Tapestry, the Fudgesicle/Apocalypse exhibition project takes an inquisitive look at humans in their role as destroyers and potential restorers of a healthy balance on our fragile planet. Its aim is to raise questions and inspire to action.

Indigenous peoples believe that decisions taken today must lead to a better future for the next seven generations. All living beings on Earth are currently living through a period of major upheaval during which even the smallest decisions can have an impact.

As artists, it is our duty to put our creativity at the service of humanity by highlighting both the problems and their solutions. We have the tools to awaken in our fellow human beings the feelings that can inspire them to act.

Despite its unapologetic cry of alarm, the Fudgesicle/Apocalypse project is above all a beacon of hope.

A woman with fiery hair relaxes in a public square.

She holds a partially eaten Fudgesicle between her fingers.

She is flanked by the four horsemen of the apocalypse and their symbols.

Is she unaware of the disastrous events taking place around her, or is she confident that things will soon get better?

Part 1 - Clarifying our current reality

Adopting a direct approach, the works on display occasionally combine images and text.


Some ask direct questions designed to pierce the indifference engendered by familiarity, such as:


"Would the warmongers and their armourers create so much ruin if they were first on the front lines?" and "Will we continue to allow obscene fortunes to be made on the backs of our fellows?"

Apocalypse_Greed Dragon.png

The impact on children and on the next seven generations is also taken into account, as the works examine the already existing and potential effects of deforestation and forest fires, soil depletion, food and water shortages, warfare, extreme climate events and income inequality.

Part 2—Highlighting ideas that favour a better world

Through works that are pleasing to the eye and accessible to all, the artist wishes to promote ideas that encourage the adoption of less harmful behaviours.

Under consideration are movements that promote a healthy masculinity, women’s rights, acceptance of the diverse human gender identification and sexual orientations, increased ecological awareness, as well as trends that champion social justice and acceptance of all races, creeds and colours in the common family of humanity.

FA-Male and Child.jpg

Part 3 - Inspiring action

For decades, researchers have been creating and testing solutions. Many of them have demonstrated the intrinsic value of certain processes and procedures. The final parts of the exhibition will commemorate these successes in order to make them more widely known and promote their adoption.

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