Fascinated by how we relate to each other, I enjoy exploring faces. After all, they give the first clues as to who we are and typically form the basis of how we approach one another.

I collect images that strike a chord in me and that I find intriguing or particularly expressive. These are most often pictures of people captured in off-guard moments, like those seen in the photographs of Vivian Maier and Garry Winogrand.

When I look at these photos with the quality of attention required to produce a drawing or painting, I focus on what they trigger in me, what I sense from the subjects’ expressions or body language. This informs my use of colours, whether I draw with fine lines in pencil, paint in blocks or washes, or use several types of materials to complete a finished interpretation.

Through my subjective experience, I try to capture the essence of that one moment—a gesture, an atmosphere, something that hopefully will resonate in you as it does in me.




February 2022 Artists in Montreal Virtual Valentine’s Art Show (won Judge’s Choice Award for Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This)

August 2022 Artists in Montreal Virtual Summer Exhibition In My Childhood



Artists in Montreal.


Artists in Montreal’s Featured Artist, August 2022.