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Hélène Montpetit is an emerging visual artist fascinated by people and our impact on the planet and on each other. Her recent work includes interpretative portraits of local musicians and activists. From the whimsical to the thought-provoking, her expressionist realism captures everyday life, opens a window into a world of emotion and celebrates shared moments. Her paintings touch on topics as diverse as fanciful depictions of the seasons and more serious issues such as climate change and social justice. She is currently working on two distinct projects. “Memories, Real and Imagined,” is a series of drawings inspired by photographs taken in the early to mid-19th century. Her second project  is a series for exhibition that comments on global matters and honours those who bring potential solutions. Fudgesicle/Apocalypse, the title painting of this project, won an Honourable Mention in the Forms, Faces and Spaces show of the Scotiabank Contact Festival in May 2024.

Artist Statement

Self Portrait 2020.png

Fascinated by our interactions, I like to study human beings and their impact on the world.

After several years spent in music venues as a singer, I rediscovered my first love: visual art. To recover my eye-hand coordination and reacquaint myself with media, I first concentrated on rendering the facial expressions and body language of my subjects. I collected photographs from the 40s, 50s and 60s, such as those by Vivian Maier and Garry Winogrand, and chose the medium, colours and style according to what they evoked in me. That's how my first series, entitled In My Childhood, came about.

I believe that art should be accessible to everyone. A successful piece inspires, educates or questions. Just as in my songs, my passion for big issues has gradually asserted itself in my work as a visual artist. My new series, Fudgesicle/Apocalypse, tackles the major themes of peace, environmental protection and social justice.

As for influences, the 21st century is spoiling us! A click of the mouse opens the doors to art galleries and museums. The works of artists from all over the world are available on our mobile phones. As a child, I wanted to paint like Da Vinci. As a teenager, I discovered Modigliani, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec. Since then, Colville, Schiele, Wyeth, Homer, comic book and pop art, as well as the works of my counterparts on the seven continents. More recently, I've been delving into art history and incorporating elements of the palette, shapes and symbolism of medieval art.

Whatever I may be working on, I draw on all my subjectivity and creativity to create pieces that I hope will either elicit a resounding "yes!" from my audience, or leave them wanting to know more.


May 2024 - Scotiabank Contact Festival - Third annual Forms, Faces & Spaces, figuratively speaking! Group juried exhibition, Upper Sisnett Lobby, Halton Hills Cultural Centre, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 2A3
 Award: Honourable mention for Fudgesicle/Apocalypse painting.

February 2024 - Artists in Montreal online Winter Exhibition.

February 4- April 7, 2024 - Looking Back, Looking Forward, Teaser Showcase for 3rd annual Forms, Face & Spaces, figuratively speaking! exhibition, Artway Gallery, Shoppers World, Brampton, Ontario.

January 2024 - Mural Mosaic - Montreal Children's Hospital mural project.

December 2023-January 2024 - Viva Vida Art Gallery and Art Centre - Celebration, 15th annual small works and one-of-a-kind Exhibition.

October 2023 - Youth Employment Services - Online silent auction- (donation of 3 artworks)

September 2023 - Women In Art Online Exhibition
July 2023 - Artists in Montreal Summer Art Show, Valmi Gallery, 1595 Van Horne, Montreal, Quebec

June 2023 - Artist Network Artists to Watch Competition
May 2023 - See|Me True North Exhibition, New York - Honourable Mention

February 2023 - Artists in Montreal Virtual Valentine’s Art Show
August 2022 -  Artists in Montreal Virtual Summer Exhibition In My Childhood

February 2022 -  Artists in Montreal Virtual Valentine’s Art Show - Judge’s Choice Award


Member, Artists in Montreal

Associate Member, Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec

Associate Member, Society of Canadian Artists

Member, Artists in Canada

Associate Member Professional Artists Association


Society of Canadian Artists - Spring 2024 Newsletter
Artists in Montreal’s Featured Artist, August 2022.

Find me here on Artwork Archive Gallery.

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