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Hélène Montpetit, Comtemporary Visual Artist

Hélène Montpetit’s artistic journey is an exploration of various forms of expression spanning more than a half-century. She has written texts and poetry, composed instrumental music and songs, and produced illustrations, paintings and handicrafts.

As a child, she drew constantly, imagined stories, and illustrated them. She even won a Bobino token from La boîte à surprises for a drawing she sent in to the show! In her early twenties, she began working in oils and joined a group of artisans to explore batik and silkscreen. She then worked in communications for NGOs, business associations and community groups, gaining practical experience in graphic design.


Hélène is a creator of images. She works in many sub-styles of expressionism according to what a project inspires. Her painting entitled Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This won the Judge’s choice award in the Artists in Montreal 2022 Valentine’s Day virtual exhibition.



Artist Statement

Self Portrait 2020.png

Fascinated by how we relate to each other, I enjoy exploring all things human. My subjects’ facial expressions and body language provide a constant source of inspiration.

 I collect photos that strike a chord in me, that I find intriguing or particularly expressive. These are most often images of people captured in off-guard moments, like those seen in the photographs of Vivian Maier and Garry Winogrand. When I scrutinize them with the quality of attention required to produce a drawing or painting, I pay attention to what they trigger in me. This informs my choice of art medium, colour, my use of fine lines, blocks or washes. To keep things fresh, I also study art history and the work of contemporary artists. I borrow various elements from them to express ideas and emotions.

I draw from my subjective experience to catch the essence of a moment and capture something familiar that will engage the viewer.


October 2023 - Youth Employment Services - Online silent auction- (donation of 3 artworks)

September 2023 - Women In Art Online Exhibition
July 2023 - Artists in Montreal Summer Art Show, Valmi Gallery, 1595 Van Horne, Montreal, Quebec

June 2023 - Artist Network Artists to Watch Competition
May 2023 - See|Me True North Exhibition, New York - Honourable Mention

February 2023 - Artists in Montreal Virtual Valentine’s Art Show
August 2022 -  Artists in Montreal Virtual Summer Exhibition In My Childhood

February 2022 -  Artists in Montreal Virtual Valentine’s Art Show - Judge’s Choice Award


Member, Artists in Montreal

Associate Member, Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec

Associate Member, Society of Canadian Artists

Member, Women's Art Society of Montreal



Artists in Montreal’s Featured Artist, August 2022.

Find me here on Artwork Archive Gallery.

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