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I am a contemporary expressionist, fascinated by the human experience. My art journey is an exploration of various forms of expression that spans over half a century. Although at different times I have written poetry, composed music and crafted songs, my first love was drawing.

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Exploration des œuvres créées au fil du temps ainsi que du travail d’autres artistes contemporains.

Exploring the art created by those who came before and keeping an eye on contemporary movements.

The Good Sisters_edited.jpg

Série inspirée par des photos prises au milieu du 20e siècle.

A series inspired by photographs taken during the middle of the 20th century.

MuralProject MCH Final_edited.jpg

Visages captés à la vitesse d’un objectif de caméra et réinterprétées subjectivement.

Faces captured by the quick eye of a camera and subjectively reinterpreted.

David's Garden Gate_edited_edited_edited

Exploration de thèmes courants et des techniques d'aquarelle.

An exploration of common themes and of watercolour techniques.

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